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Simplicity, humility, and perfection. Using Japanese ethos and craftsmanship, this quartet is redefining our bar’s namesake cocktail. Michito Kaneko, Bartender of the Year at DIAGEO Reserve World Class Global Final 2015, and two-time DIAGEO Reserve World Class Singapore winner Aki Eguchi showcase the best of Japanese craft with this creation, seeking perfection in a most minimalist nature, culminating in a true elevation of a well-known classic.

Painstakingly producing a most unique sake-vermouth with Umenoyado Brewery in Japan, the craftsmen have created the perfect companion to complement the exquisite Tanqueray No. Ten gin. The specially commissioned sake-vermouth uses eight traditional botanicals (wormwood, juniper berry, orange peel, elderberry, chamomile, peppermint, liquorice, cardamom), Japanese ingredients (wasabi, Hinoki oak, yuzu), and a touch of tropical (pineapple). Finally, the tipple is presented with a delightful trio of condiments – pickled onion, smoked quail’s egg, and a pickled ginger prepared in a special brine by acclaimed sushi master Ashino Taku.

With all these elements in place, the resulting tipple is complete with a distinctive character and poise.


Aki Eguchi


Michito Kaneko

Lamp Bar, Nara

Ashino Taku

Ashino Sushi


Tanqueray No. Ten gin, Ginjo Sake-Vermouth, trio of condiments (pickled onion, pickled ginger, smoked quail’s egg)

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