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Uncover the mystique and intriguing traditions of South East Asian lands as DIAGEO Reserve World Class Singapore 2016 winner Boo Jing Heng, and DIAGEO Reserve World Class Thailand 2014 winner Neung Ronnaporn, conjure these influences to transform the pristine clarity of a Ketel One cocktail into a charcoal black beauty that promises to restore a little Yin and Yang balance with every sip.

Using familiar local ingredients, Jing Heng and Neung took on the challenge of creating a cocktail that is greater than the sum of its parts. The pair used a delicate balance of jasmine and coconut to blend with the clean and mildly sweet characteristics of Ketel One vodka, only adding a touch of complexity with a homemade Thai tea tincture. In a rebellious streak breaking away from familiar traditions, the duo decide on a cheeky addition of charcoal, which gives the tipple its striking and foreign appearance. Using an old school practice to mix the ingredients together, these bartenders put on a show by masterfully “throwing” the cocktail, before finally presenting the tipple for your enjoyment.


Boo Jing Heng

Jigger & Pony

Neung Ronnaporn

Backstage Cocktail Bar


Ketel One infused with charcoal and jasmine, coconut water, Thai tea tincture, lemon, agave

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