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Expect a little something for your eyes as well as your palette in Jerrold Khoo and Yao Lu’s cocktail. Eastern & Western influences meld together, creating an Old Fashioned style cocktail that showcases a depth of flavor matching the makers’ multi-dimensional personalities.

Yao is an American-born Chinese making a huge splash in Shanghai with his mixology talents, and Jerrold is a bartender born & bred in cosmopolitan Singapore. Both born of Chinese heritage, the creative duo have been shaped by the influences of Western culture. With a desire to incorporate this juxtaposition in their cocktail, Yao and Jerrold chose to infuse American Bulleit Bourbon with Japanese houjicha-tea, enhancing a deliciously sweet and spicy bourbon with a distinctive roasted-earthy element. Enhancing the complexity and character of the blend, Master Carpenter Tim Chan of Bird’s Eye Studio adds wood chips into the bottles. Carved from French oak spirals and American oak barrels previously used to age Japanese whisky, the wood chips continue the “ageing” process of the cocktail in the bottle. Finally, the bottle is beautifully enveloped in a one-of-a-kind artwork designed by tattoo artist Feroze McLeod.

An ode to cross-cultures, this cocktail presents you with the best of both worlds through a sensory journey.


Jerrold Khoo


Yao Lu

Union Trading Company

Feroze McLeod

Hounds of the Baskervilles


Bulleit Bourbon infused with houjicha-tea, Guinness reduction, cherry, aged bitters.

Served in a bottle containing French & American oak wood.

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